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An outstanding software development team

In order to help you experience superior service quality, Idealhit provides not only smart solutions, but can also guarantee on-time delivery.

Idealhit is based in Beijing and Frankfurt. We provide customers with a highly qualified development service for mission critical applications. Our development team has become an important extension of our customers’ IT departments.

Idealhit software development and IT services cover a wide range of activities, including Europe and Asia Pacific-oriented application development, support and maintenance, the development and support of e-commerce platforms as well as IT infrastructure services. Our services cover all of the retail and manufacturing industries, logistics and the hotel and catering industries.

We strive to become a trusted marketing planning and service development supplier for advertising and brand website construction.

Infinite originality  Endless perfection

Idealhit focuses on unique originality, superb technology and perfect service. We provide high standards, high quality and best service.

Idealhit – professional and reliable!

Idealhit is dedicated to facilitating the start-up and growth of businesses, as well as the enhancement of brand image. All of our efforts aim to help customers establish an enterprise portal to promote brand value.

Good Service

Through offshore, onshore and on-site development center modes, Idealhit provides customers with highly qualified development services for mission critical applications. In the process of project implementation, our abundant professional knowledge can help your internal IT team focus more resources on the requirements of the enterprise and its customers.

Website construction

We provide you with a range of website development and operations, such as enterprise brand publicity portals, online malls for electronics etc.

Corporate identity

We provide you with a series of appearance designs for enterprise products such as enterprise logos, business cards, paper, envelopes, etc.

Poster design

We provide design services for roll screen, publicity posters, large-size indoor and outdoor banners, etc.

Technical advice

With our wealth of experience in the internet industry, we can provide technical advice and information consulting services for small and medium enterprises.

To ensure the competitiveness of an enterprise, project cost control and quality assurance are indispensable elements. In this context, many technical managers outsource part or the whole of the development and maintenance process to professional subcontracting providers in order to achieve their development goals.

Cooperation Process


In-depth understanding of customers’ needs.

The requirements analysts in the Idealhit team understand our customers’ requirements, and using the relevant software tools list the major functional modules of the system being developed; at the same time, they also list the detailed smaller functional sub-modules under each major module. During this process, the analyst will constantly confirm the project requirement analysis report with the customer.

Website Demo design for free

For the UI appearance design of the products, the Idealhit team can provide a free UI sample design before the signing of the project contract. Of course, customers can also put forward their own ideas to jointly complete a UI design.

Starting up the development

After confirming the quotation and the development period, the customer just needs to pay 50% of the project commission and the project development can then begin. The full balance is paid only after completion and acceptance of the project.

Delivery of the product

After the acceptance of the customer, we will clear up and package the developed product and finally release it on the Internet.

Technical support

After the release of product, the Idealhit team will provide a 30-day technical support service, which includes serious bug modification. This does not include modifications related to the functional requirements of new products.

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